The.Seat consists of 2 chairs (4 compartments), 4 outdoor cushions and a bag!

On holiday with your tent or camper van, a day at the beach or a nice picnic? And always bring that annoying folding chair or dress? Thanks to The.Seat you are now really comfortable everywhere. This design chair is the first chair made of Double Wall Fabric, known from supboards, among others, so super sturdy. Pump it up, put it together and relax! The.Seat comes in a handy bag per 2, including pillows and pump.

1-2 working days
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  • Material: Double Wall Fabric
  • Waterproof cushions
  • Back height: 900 X 510 mm
  • Seat width/depth: 900 X 600 mm
  • Armrest height: 850 X 530 mm
  • Dimensions bag: 24 x 105 x 70 cm
  • Supplied with D-Ring (can be attached to boat etc.)
  • Colours: White and light grey
  • Contents: 4 compartments per chair (8 total), pump, cushions
  • With N.A. logo
  • Inflate time: 5 minutes
  • Deflate time: 5 minutes

Waterproof, inflatable and suitable for all conditions

Just like the inflatable supboard The.Seat usss the same material (Double Wall Fabric), durable and very easy to use and maintain. You pump it up in a jiffy and let it deflate just as quickly. The bag which is supplied enables you to store the chairs neat and flat. Handy for holidays, to the park or to the beach, without it taking up a lot of storage space. The.Seat, is supplied per  set with 2 chairs, sits comfortably with the cushions which are included and has a nice, sleek design so they will certainly not be out of place in the garden too.

A nice additional feature,  is The.Seat can float on while you're sitting on it! Refrigerated drink in hand, feet in the water, Nikki.Amsterdam knows what enjoyment is all about! And of course you use one of our lanterns to provide you with your favourite tunes...What more do you need?


The.Seat is made of Double Wall Fabric. This makes The.Seat very sturdy, so it can be placed on the roughest terrains. Are you going hiking, to the campsite or to the beach? The.Seat goes everywhere with you!

Easy 2 store

The.Seat comes with a bag. The storage bag makes it easy to take the chairs with you wherever you go. The bag offers enough space for the two chairs (8 parts) and 4 cushions. Due to the size and shape you can easily store the bag flat in the boot of the car, camper or boat.

Easy 2 Set Up

The.Seat consists of separate compartments that are pumped up one by one. You can easily put them together and then you can enjoy your very comfortable chair. Luckily we have thought of that too! With The.Pump from Nikki.Amsterdam you can inflate the entire chair within 5 minutes and you can deflate it just as quickly.



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