The.Bowl is The.Lampion’s big brother. It is not only possible to cool 1 or 2 bottles here, there is room for up to 12 bottles! It is the absolute eye-catcher at every party with an equally high wannahave value as its predecessor. The.Bowl is equipped with a built-in bluetooth speaker which makes it simple to play your own playlist via your smartphone or other device. Download our own app, so you can connect all your Nikki.Amsterdam devices to each other.

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  • Top quality Brazilian leather
  • Material: Aluminium and Polyethylene
  • Size: 55 X 55 X 56.5 cm
  • Weight: NW/GW 7/8.5 kg
  • Battery: 8800 mAh
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 TI, 15 m
  • Speaker: 4Ω, 10W
  • Adaptor: Micro USB Port 5V, 1A
  • LED light: 20pcs, 3.5W, multicolor
  • Input AC: 110-240V
  • Output: 5.0V/2A
  • Working time: Up to 8 hours
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Remote: No
  • Nikki.Amsterdam app: Yes
  • SYNC-function: Yes

Multicolor Bowl & Bluetooth Speaker & Wine Cooler

The.Bowl is equipped with multicolor light, moving along to the beat of a music, in a quiet fade mode or on a colour of your choice. A nice feature is the ability to link The.Bowl to your other Nikki.Amsterdam products such as The.Lampion or The.Cube.  This enables you to create the same light and sound in every desired corner of the place your are in. Nikki.Amsterdam provides a super user-friendly app with which you can easily operate the products.

The.Bowl expresses itself wonderfully as a center piece - a real eye-catcher. Not only as a wine cooler for expensive champagne or wine, but also for oysters for example - or let the boys loose and fill it with their favourite beer. Just think how beautiful this at a kids party - filled with their favourite sweets? What a colourful picture would that be!

So, you are not celebrating,  but do you want to create a cozy atmosphere? Slide The.Bowl simply together and you have a beautiful lamp. On top is the distinctive Brazilian leather Nikki.Amsterdam strap attached. The strap is not designed to carry The.Bowl, but simply to guide the two parts when extending or lowering the two parts of the The.Bowl.

The.Bowl is a super elegant addition to the the Nikki.Amsterdam family. The.Bowl fits well into every party or social gathering. Whether it’s at a fancy wedding, at a dance party, in a restaurant or at a children’s party, everyone will love this marvellous feature!

Compatible with


With the Bluetooth function you can easily connect your phone or other device to your wannahave. Choose your own playlist or favorite radio station and enjoy a high-quality sound. Watch the music play! Use the Nikki.Amsterdam app to stream your music even easier.

Wine cooler

The drinks deliciously cooled and music in the background. What else do you want? Fill the waterproof recess in the middle with ice (water) and your wannahave is ready for use.

Battery life

Your wannahave comes with a cable to charge the on-board battery.  Once charged The.Lampion is completely wireless and you create the atmosphere where you want it. In the garden, on the terrace, the boat or in the park!


We love to connect. Create even more atmosphere by connecting different Nikki.Amsterdam products. This way you have the same sound and light in every desired angle. That must be fun!

Multicolor lamp

Durable Multicolor LED lighting with a nice even distribution of light. Warm white or multicolor, the choice is yours! There is a colour for every atmosphere. Let the colours skip to the beat of the music, in a quiet fade mode or choose a single colour. The use of the Nikki.Amsterdam app makes operation very easy. Create the atmosphere you want!


Download our own app for every device. The app allows you to play the music you want and switch colors if you like. The download link of the app is available in our FAQ.



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